Latest Cheap Infinix Mobile Prices In Pakistan 2024 Updated List

Latest Cheap Infinix Mobile Prices In Pakistan 2024 Updated List

Infinix has launched new models and prices in online markets. Today we will talk about Infinix mobile prices in Pakistan.

Infinix is a Chinese company that makes mobiles in other countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Nigeria.

Infinix is Android-based, but it has some features other than mobiles like advanced memory, RAM, a camera, and battery life.

Infinix Mobile prices In Pakistan
Infinix Mobile prices In Pakistan

Latest Infinix Mobile Prices 2024 Online

Infinix releases new mobile phones every month because of competition in the mobile market. Every brand wants to beat each other with their new phone models. Mobile battery life, mobile prices, and the user experience with their new features are all important. If you want to know which models are best for you and within your budget, Infinix mobile phones are a good option. It depends on you how much you want to spend, so we will discuss Infinix various mobile price points.

Latest all models Infinix mobile prices with list

Infinix hot 12 Play 128GBRS 44,999
Infinix hot 12 Play ‌4/65RS 35,999
Infinix hot 12 VIPRs 64,999
Infinix hot 12 256BRs 46,999
Infinix hot 11 128GB+Rs 23,999
Infinix hot 10sRs 25,499
Infinix Hot 11Rs 23,999
Infinix hot 12i 5gRs 20,499
Infinix hot 11sRs 25,999
Infinix Note 10 PriceRs 27,999
Infinix Zero 20RS 79,999
Infinix Note 30 ProRs 69,999
Infinix Note 12 VIPRs 64,999
Infinix Note 12Rs 54,999
Infinix Note 30Rs 53,999
Infinix Note 12 6GBRs 50,999
Infinix zero 5GRs 49,999
Infinix zero XproRs 49,999
Infinix Note 12/ 256GBRs 46,999
Infinix hot 12 Play 128GBRs 44,999
Infinix hot 12Rs 44,999
Infinix Hot 11 Play 128GBRs 44,999
Infinix hot 12iRs 41,999
Infinix hot 11 PlayRs 39,999
Infinix Note 10 Pro 256GBRs 38,999
Infinix Note 10 ProRs 37,999
Infinix hot 20iRs 37,999
Infinix Note 11 ProRs 35,999
Infinix hot 12 PlayRs 35,999
Infinix zero 8iRs 34,999
Infinix zero X neoRs 34,999
Infinix Note 11 6GBRs 32,999
Infinix hot 30 PlayRs 31,999
Infinix Smart 6 HDRs 31,999
Infinix Smart 6Rs 30,999
Infinix Smart 6 3GBRs 30,999
Infinix Note 8Rs 38,999
Infinix Note 11Rs 28,999
Infinix Note 10Rs 27,999
Infinix Note 30 5gRs 53,999
Infinix Note 30iRs 31,460
Infinix Hot 30 Play NFCRs 64,200
Infinix Smart 7 HDRs 27,999
Infinix hot 11SRs 25,999
Infinix hot 10SRs 25,999
Infinix hot 10 6GBRs 24,999
Infinix hot 11Rs 23,999
Infinix hot 10 128GBRs 22,999
Infinix hot 10Rs 20,999
Infinix hot 10 Play 4GBRs 20,999
Infinix hot 10iRs 20,999
Infinix Smart 5 3GBRs 18,499
Infinix hot 9Rs 17,499
Infinix hot 10 Play 3GBRs 17,399
Infinix Smart 5Rs 15,999
Infinix hot 9 PlayRs 15,999
Infinix Smart 5 ProRs 15,999
Infinix Smart HDRs 13,999
Infinix hot 10 Play 3GBRs 17,399
Infinix Smart 6Rs 33,999
Infinix Hot 8Rs 16,999
Infinix Not 12 (2023)Rs 48,999
Infinix SMart 7 HDRs 26,500
Latest Infinix Pakistan All Mobile Prices

Why do Andriod users love Infinix mobile?

Infinix mobile prices has more models than other brands like Techno, Oppo, and Vivo. If you want to buy an Infinix mobile for gaming, that’s a good decision for you. Infinix provides extra RAM with extra space for middle-class users who have a low budget and want to buy a new phone for use cases. Infinix also has more features in their mobile phones.

Some major reasons Infinix users love their brand:

  • Cheap Price With Extra Features
  • Battery lifestyle
  • 1 year replace guarantee
  • Camera Mega pixels improved
  • Latest model design
  • Gaming support
  • 1 Year customer support
  • Protective Screen
  • Latest Andriod Software
  • Enhanced security level for users
  • Protect user information

Which Infinix model was recently launched?

The Infinix Note 30 Pro, Note Pro 12 6Gb, Hot 12 Play 128GB,
The Infinix Note 30 Pro, Note Pro 12 6Gb, Hot 12 Play 128GB,

Infinix launched its latest mobile with the latest new features. The Infinix Note 30 Pro, Note Pro 12 6Gb, Hot 12 Play 128GB, and Zero 5 GB were launched in Pakistan in 2024. The new Infinix smartphone has a Gaming Processor MediaTek Helio G96, a 2.05GHz +2.0 GHz Octa-Core Processor, and a GPU Arm Mali G57 MC2.

The new Infinix smartphone has 8 Gigabytes of RAM up to 13GB of Extended RAM and internal storage of 256 Gigabytes, supporting microSD cards up to 2 TB. The camera setup includes a Main Camera of 108MP + 13MP + 2MP and a 16MP Selfie Camera.

The screen size is 6.7 inches and it has an AMOLED capacitive Touchscreen with, Resolution of 1080×2400 Pixels FHD+. The new Infinix smartphone has a 4500 mAh Power Battery & 120W fast charging.

Why is Infinix Mobile prices cheaper than other brands?

Infinix makes cheap smartphones for customers. Their main reason is that it’s hard for them to compete with other mobile brands on price, features, and quality. Infinix has improved its cost management for budget-friendly smartphones. And their marketing strategy is far better than other brands because they provide their actual product,

Which they show in Ads. Infinix mobile prices has many companies registered in different regions like China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and so on. Infinix offers low prices because they provide localization for the tailor market.


  • Infinix offers budget-friendly
  • Infinix phones are often stylish and modern.
  • Many Infinix models have large batteries, allowing long usage without recharging.
  • Infinix smartphones have good camera features like AI and multiple lenses.


  • Some budget Infinix models aren’t high-end.
  • Infinix phones may only get software updates and security patches rarely, like older brands.
  • Some Infinix phones may not be as durable as more expensive options.

Why is the Infinix battery lifestyle better?

The Infinix mobile prices has a long battery life because it has a big battery! It has advanced battery technology that maximizes storage and provides longer battery life for users. Infinix’s long-lasting battery performance is an important factor for today’s consumers.

Infinix is better than Oppo. If you want affordability and good performance, choose Infinix. Prioritize your preferences. But if you need camera quality for the pictures, then Oppo can beat Infinix. But overall, Oppo’s mobile phone rating is 9.0, whereas Infinix can beat Oppo in all functions with a 95.5 rating in user experience. 

The Custom Samsung Company makes the Infinix battery, and the software is from Chinese mobile companies. All of the Android mobile software is installed in new smartphones.

Infinix 5G-enabled phones are now available in Pakistan at a competitive price

Infinix is the 10th largest brand to launch 5G SIM options in their smartphones with the latest models. If you need to know which phone is best for your exact budget to complete your requirements for PUBG or Free Fire gaming.

Then Infinix mobile prices can handle your load in the background processing time because they have improved their RAM and ROM with low price and can beat all prices in mobile markets.

Infinix 5G-enabled phones are now available in Pakistan at a competitive price

Here is the 5G Enabled Infinix Mobile Prices List:

  1. Infinix Hot 30 Play: PKR 31,999
  2. Infinix Smart 7 HD: PKR 27,999
  3. Infinix Hot 20i: PKR 37,999
  4. Infinix Zero 20: PKR 79,999
  5. Infinix Note 12 VIP: PKR 64,999

Top Best Infinix Smartphones For Pubg Mobile Games and Their Prices in Pakistan

Infnix mobile prices is the latest brand that fulfills the user’s demand for gaming. Gaming is the most trending topic for the young generation who want to play PUBG or Free Fire. but PUBG and Free Fire need a huge amount of RAM for running and playing smoothly for online gaming.

Here is the Latest Infinix Gaming Models:

  1. Infinix Note 12 VIP: PKR 64,999
  2. Infinix Zero 20: PKR 79,999.
  3. Infinix Hot 12 Play: PKR 42,199

The Infinix Zero Series phones and their current prices

If you are looking for cheap Infinix mobile prices in Pakistan and your budget is minimal for the purchase, and you want a perfect performance for your mobile in the Infinix Zero series, then you should check this mobile for your budget.

  1. Infinix Zero 5G: 49,999 PKR
  2. Infinix Zero 9: 52,369 PKR
  3. Infinix Zero X Pro: 51,456 PKR
  4. Infinix Zero 6 Pro: 48,877 PKR
  5. Infinix Zero 7: 47,132 PKR
  6. Infinix Zero X: 46,797 PKR
  7. Infinix Zero X Neo: 44,436 PKR
  8. Infinix Zero 20: 79,999 PKR

Infinix Mobile Prices & Accessory : Cases, Chargers, and More

If you are an Infinix mobile prices buyer or a customer of Infinix Mobile, then you should need a cover, protective glass, and a modern pocket charger. Infinix accessory prices are cheap and most less usable are available in the market, but be careful when you purchase in the local market because a lot of fake copies are available.

If you need a genuine Infinix accessory, you can buy it from the Infinix store online or Amazon, or Daraz. Infinix wants to produce genuine accessories for customers because the reputation of the Infinix brand will be sustained in the mobile market. So, before buying from a local shop, make sure you check the brand mark on the backside.

5 Best Infinix Mobile Prices Under 20,000


In this article, we discuss‌ Infinix mobile prices in the 2024 era and highlight the current prices in the online market where cheap and affordable mobile options are available within your budget. Infinix also provides mobile devices for gaming users. Their company is registered in China, where they launch the latest models of Infinix at different prices.

Infinix mobile prices also provides mobile devices for high-‌ and low-budget users. The Infinix catalogue also suits all budget-friendly users who avail all mobile devices within their own budget. Infinix focuses on RAM, memory, performance, and Android’s latest software, which is why they are a successful brand in the Asia market and fills the demand of users with all prices.

FAQs (Peoples also ask)

Are there any special offers or discounts available on Infinix mobiles in Pakistan?

Yes, Infinix often offers special promotions, discounts, and bundle deals on their mobile phones, especially during seasonal sales and events. Keep an eye on official Infinix announcements and authorized dealers for such offers.

How often do Infinix mobile prices get updated?

A: Infinix mobile prices are updated regularly, especially when new models are released. It’s advisable to check for updates on Infinix’s official website or from trusted retail sources.

Do Infinix mobile prices vary by region in Pakistan?

Yes, Infinix mobile prices can vary slightly based on the region and local taxes. However, the differences are usually not significant, and prices are relatively consistent across Pakistan.

Where can I find the latest Infinix mobile prices in Pakistan?

You can find the most up-to-date Infinix mobile prices in Pakistan on the official Infinix website, authorized retail stores, e-commerce platforms, and mobile phone price comparison websites.

What is the price range for Infinix mobile phones in Pakistan?

Infinix mobile prices in Pakistan typically range from around PKR 10,000 for budget models to PKR 50,000 or more for premium smartphones, depending on the model and specifications.

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